Frequently Asked Questions

TutorMinute is an online virtual meeting platform that connects students who need help with tutors who are ready, able, and willing to help!
We understand that not everybody needs a half-hour or an hour to get their questions answered. Sometimes you only need help on a question or two. Breaking the tutoring time down into minute intervals saves you money and time.
It's easy! Simply create a log-in, navigate to the Tutor page, agree to the terms of use, link your account to a financial institution, upload proof of identity, your credentials, and the subjects/problem types you'd like to tutor for. Our policy holds that you must be 15 years or older to sign up as a tutor.
We charge a percentage fee on every tutoring session, which is used to maintain and improve the site and eventually pay tutors monthly bonuses.
Of course! We understand that some tutors may be students who need help in other courses or might simply need some refreshers in an area that they are not necessarily experts in. Whatever the case, we have made it possible to schedule tutoring straight from your tutoring account!
You can delete your account on TutorMinute at any time. However, we cannot offer refunds for money placed into the site's eWallet and cannot be held liable for bad tutoring sessions. We have policies in place to ensure the highest quality tutors and understand that there is no way to please every student after every session.