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At TutorMinute we believe that everyone can excel at math with the right approach and support! You deserve to learn math at your own pace, in a way that’s natural and fun for you. TutorMinute instructors are certified math teachers with years of professional experience. We know what works, but we also know that the traditional classroom isn’t always great for everyone. glasses

Here we shape our teaching to fit the learner. Our creative teaching style will connect math to you and your interests. You’ll get clear, helpful explanations in a friendly and stress-free environment. We combine the convenience of online resources with live help from real teachers. So you have the freedom to learn when it works for you.

Whether you want to improve your skills or learn something completely new, we can help you unlock capabilities you didn’t know you had- so you can go forward with confidence!

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What students say

You're a great teacher because I feel like you will always answer all our questions and not make us feel bad for not knowing something.

Brandon H. 9th grade

Alexis is the ABSOLUTE BEST math teacher I have ever had! She explains things extremely well and has a great sense of humor.

Liam M. 11th grade

My tutor is an excellent teacher because she makes sure that you know *why* something works and connects it to applications I can use. She worked hard to help me pass my exams.

Cassandra D. 8th grade

I hated math now it's my favorite subject after shop. And Alexis explained many concepts with references to shop which opened up my mind!